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1 "JM with a half moon over it" MADUZIA, Joseph Frank (I112)
2 "LK with a bar over it" KUCIEMBA, Ludwik J. (I282)
3 01 Oct 1999 Source (S174)
4 1900 census says they have been married 16 years Family F45
5 1st child born in 1828 Family F1081
6 1st child born in 1845 Family F1054
7 1st child born in 1850 Family F34
8 1st child born in 1871 Family F1060
9 1st child in 1862, may not be Elizabeth's child Family F1082
10 20 acres of the 85 acres of land bought from Campbell on 5 Aug 1903 was sold to Cecilia Mexa Nowakowski, wife of Martin Nowakowski. Family F24
11 2nd child named Mary born in 1877 DABROWSKI, Mary (I1134)
12 Rip Smock Tribute Website SMOCK, Walter Alfred (I2)
13 Website with more information on Alfena's family EWELL, Alfena (I3866)
14 According to his immigration papers, he arrived on the vessel Victoria, from Hamburg to New York. POLKA, Albert (I45)
15 Albert and Annie bought 195 acres, 3 miles SE of New Waverly. The land was bought from Jno. A. and Mary E. Kee for $2400.00. They paid $100.00 as a down payment and signed a promissory not bearing 10% interest for the remaining $2300.00. Family F24
16 Albert and Annie sold 195 acre farm in New Waverly to Josef Wojcik for $7000.00 cash. POLKA, Albert (I45)
17 Albert and Annie sold the 100 acres that was bought 11-19-1896 to Louis Duhr for $950.00 cash. Louis Duhr was the husband of Albert's sister Maria. Family F24
18 Albert bought 12-1/8 acres of land situated 1-1/4 miles east of the court house in Falls Co. Family F24
19 Albert Polka bought 100 acres from R. W. Herne and wife M. W. Herne for $700.00. Albert paid $500.00 cash and a promissory note for $200.00 bearing 10% interest to be paid 12 months from this date. Family F24
20 Albert's occupation was listed as cotton farmer. POLKA, Albert (I45)
21 Albert's occupation was listed as cotton farmer. MADUZIA, Anna Mary (I46)
22 also listed in church records as Szymona or Antonicgo PALKA, Antoni (I627)
23 American Defense Service Medal
American Campaign Medal
Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
Good Conduct Medal 
MARSHALL, George David (I3677)
24 Anna Polka bought 85 acres, 1 miles south of New Waverly from S. and F. M. Campbell for $1500.00. Albert did not sign this contract. A promissory note listed the payments as $50.00 down, $700.00 due on Dec 1, 1903, $250.00 due on 1st of Dec 1904-1905. The last 3 payments bore 8% interest. Family F24
25 Annie Polka bought the south half of lot 4, block 6 in Bremond. She paid $25.00 for the lot. Family F24
26 Another child was named Catharina in 1844, indicating that this person died as a young child. MADUZIA, Katarzyna (I591)
27 Another daughter was named Catharina, indicating that this daughter died young. SIWEK, Katarzyna (I944)
28 Another son was named Joannes in 1826 MADUZIA, Jan (I1085)
29 Apparently, Albert was never actually naturalized, although he did file a Declaration of Intention POLKA, Albert (I45)
30 arrived on the Kaiser Weighert KUCIEMBA, Jan (I125)
31 Arrived on the S. S. Hermann from Bremen to New York BARTULA, Joseph (I4158)
32 Arrived on the S. S. Hermann from Bremen to New York PANCIEWICZ, Catherine (I4160)
33 Author of Hendrick Mathysen Smock, 1st Three Generations SMOCK, David L (I3353)
34 Baptised as Bronislava. MALAK, Beatrice (I420)
35 baptism date TROJANOWSKI, Antonio (I793)
36 baptism date BELINOWSKI, Stanislaus (I794)
37 baptism date, no birth date listed BOCHNIA, Stanislaus (I348)
38 baptism date, no birth date listed TAFELSKI, Francis (I830)
39 baptism date, no birth date listed LUKASZEWIEZ, Victor (I831)
40 baptism date, no birth date listed GRZEGOREK, Victoria (I832)
41 baptism date, no birth date listed GRZEGOREK, Bertha (I833)
42 Baptism date, no birth date listed. LUKASZEWIEZ, Casimir (I842)
43 Baptism date, no birth date listed. LUKASZEWIEZ, Casimir (I843)
44 Baptism date, no birth date listed. GRZEGOREK, Hedwiga (I844)
45 Baptism name POLKA, Agnes (I23)
46 baptism name KLOTZ, Willie Mae (I309)
47 baptism name KLOTZ, Leon Paul (I313)
48 Baptism name BARTULA, Louis Marion (I3101)
49 Baptismal name GREGORY, Victoria (I328)
50 Baptized as Eva Bohnia BUCKNER, Eva (I342)

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