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101 DAR records SMOCK, Everett Monroe (I3371)
102 DAR records LUNDSTRUM, Cora (I3372)
103 DAR records SMOCK, Carlyle Emerson (I3373)
104 DAR records SMOCK, Merle Edgar (I3374)
105 DAR records Family F1103
106 DAR records Family F1114
107 DAR records Family F1115
108 DAR records Family F1116
109 DAR records Family F1117
110 David L. Smock book SMOCK, Barent (I3283)
111 David L. Smock letter, 30 Nov 1990 SMOCK, Corneilus (I3254)
112 death certificate is on file in Ft Bend Co. POLKA, Jan (I94)
113 Death record at St Joseph's says he was born in Brenham, but marriage record says Bremond. His parents were from Bremond. SKALBA, Stanislaus (I322)
114 Died in a mining accident KLOTZ, Stanislaw (I749)
115 Died in WWII CZAJKOWSKI, Edward M (I3811)
116 died of Choloria, records said he was 34, but he should have been 40 SIWEK, Walenty (I834)
117 died of pneumonia AUST, Louis August Heinrich (I4458)
118 died young SMOCK, Jannetje (I3426)
119 died young SMOCK, Matthias (I3437)
120 Died young (David L Smock) CORTELYOU, Nanche (I3326)
121 Died young (David L Smock) CORTELYOU, Geertje (I3328)
122 Died young (David L Smock) CORTELYOU, Neeltje (I3329)
123 Died young (David L Smock) CORTELYOU, Helena (I3331)
124 Died young (David L Smock) SMOCK, Lydia (I3394)
125 Died young (David L Smock) SMOCK, Antje (I3395)
126 Died young (David L Smock) SMOCK, Antje (I3397)
127 Died young-David Smock book SMOCK, Denys (I3392)
128 enlisted in the Army POLKA, Marion Raymond (I58)
129 Enumeration District No. 145, Supervisor's District No. 4, Page No 5 MADUZIA, Wojciech (I110)
130 Eunice is listed in 1850 census as being born in RI
need to ck this out

Her son Daniel is listed as born in 1825 in NY

Her daughter Lucetta is listed as born in 1830 in PA, OH and NY
need to clarify this 
WELLS, Eunice (I3218)
131 Evidently Benjamin died young SMOCK, Benjamin (I3310)
132 Executor of Albert Maduzia's will. He is also listed as a creditor on Catherine Maduzia's will; he owed her $600.00 acording to the will. MALEWSKI, Antone (I841)
133 Felix may not have actually been born in New Waverly, but his baptism is recorded in St Jospeh's records. The New Waverly parish priest travelled to Bremond and other areas. It is possible that Felix was born in Bremond or Franklin. MADUZIA, Felix (I114)
134 Female form of Siwek SIWEK, Katarzyna (I111)
135 Founder of the town of Smock Pensylvania SMOCK, Samuel (I3453)
136 Frank was born on the ship between Florida and Galveston. BOCHNIA, Francis (I334)
137 Genealogical Notes on the Smock Family ANDERSON, Susanna (I3355)
138 Genealogical Notes on the Smock Family SMOCK, William (I3357)
139 Gregory Mandelskick was mentioned in Catharine Siwek Maduzia's will. MADELSKI, Grzegorz (I930)
140 Harman Clark letter SMOCK, Leah (I3458)
141 Harman Clark letter VAN CAMP, Cornielius (I3459)
142 Harman Clark letter VAN CAMP, Thomas C. (I3460)
143 Harman Clark letter VAN FLEET, Phebe (I3461)
144 Harman Clark letter VAN CAMP, Leah (I3462)
145 Harman Clark letter HUFF, Issac Brofun (I3463)
146 Harman Clark letter HUFF, Sarah Jane (I3464)
147 Harman Clark letter REED, Herman Hoagland (I3465)
148 Harman Clark letter REED, Emma (I3466)
149 Harman Clark letter CLARK, George Burt (I3467)
150 Harman Clark letter CLARK, Harman Reed (I3468)

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