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201 John served in the War of 1812 under Col. David Nelson SMOCK, John (I3143)
202 John Smock Letter, 11/30/90 Family F33
203 John was one of the first settlers of Geneva, PA SUTTON, John (I3303)
204 Katherine, who was married to Casimir Luczak at the time, had just had a baby. Her husband had been mistreating her, so she decided to take the baby and go to Annie Polka's farm. She got off of the train on a cold November day with the newborn baby in her arms. It was very cold and the wind was blowing hard. As she crossed a fence on her way to the Polka farm, she hung her dress up in the barb wire. Becaused of her weakened state and the cold, she could not free herself. She died out in the cold and by the time the Polka's found her, the baby was also suffering from exposure. The baby died a few weeks later. MADUZIA, Katherine (I117)
205 killed by a train in New Waverly BELINOWSKI, Joseph (I452)
206 killed by logs rolling on him at age 14 BURGIN, Henderson (I5283)
207 Listed as executor of the will of Katherine Siwkowna Maduzia. YEZAK, Frank (I837)
208 listed as her name in birth record of son Joannes JAKOWICZ, Agata (I431)
209 Listed as illigitimate son of Victoria Wojcik on his marriage record. WOJCIK, Jan (I1267)
210 listed as Joannes on 1 birth record in 1808 PSIODA, Jakub (I966)
211 Listed as Marianna on death record. GRYCH, Maria (I1198)
212 Listed as Matelsky on son's birth certificate MATELL, Harry Herrman (I231)
213 Listed in church baptism records POLKA, Joseph Dee (I202)
214 listed on birth certificate of grandson Joseph Palka WOJCIK, Marianna (I633)
215 Listed on birth record WOJCIK, Wojciech (I1358)
216 Living with brother Bruno PIOTROWSKI, Felix Amon (I4236)
217 Living with cousin Silas Smock in 1880 SMOCK, Nancy A. (I3247)
218 Living with George and Elizabeth (Smock) George in 1870 SMOCK, Corneilus (I3254)
219 Living with his mother in law, Anna Polka MATELL, Harry Herrman (I231)
220 Living with his mother, Anna POLKA, Marion Raymond (I58)
221 Living with John and Amanda Smock WATERS, John (I3222)
222 Living with son Daniel WELLS, Eunice (I3218)
223 Marriage license, Crawford Co, PA SMOCK, Emma C. (I3229)
224 Marriage license, Crawford Co, PA Family F1076
225 marriage record lists father as Petra MATUGA, Franciszek (I976)
226 May have been named Christina Nancy SMOCK, Nancy (I3176)
227 May have died young SMOCK, (Unknown) (I3305)
228 May have died young SMOCK, (Unknown) (I3306)
229 may have died young SMOCK, Femmetjie (I3354)
230 Michael Knust - Founder and lead guitarist for the 60's psychedelic rock band Fever Tree, who produced four albums before disbanding in 1970, and whose biggest hit was 1968's "San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)", died Sept 15 in Spring Branch, TX of unknown causes at age 54. KNUST, Michael Stephen (I491)
231 Mike inherited a half interest in this land from his grandfather, Albert Maduzia. GILBERT, Mack Franklin (I244)
232 Mike was staying at the Albert and Annie Polka farm, Northeast of New Waverly. One Sunday, he refused to go to church and was punished. While the rest of the family was at church, he made a torch of some dried corn stalks and preceded to burn all of the laundry that was hanging on the clothes line. Joe Traylor, the constable who lived next door to the Polka farm arrested Mike and charged him with criminal mischief. Mike was convicted and spent several years in the state juvenile training school in Gatesville, TX. GILBERT, Mack Franklin (I244)
233 name change BOCHNIA, Wawrzyniec (I245)
234 Name is based on the baptism record of daughter Caroline Kloc. Census records state that they immigrated in 1882, but Caroline was supposedly baptised on 14 Apr 1880 in Bremond. PAWLOWSKA, Maria (I748)
235 Name spelled Belski on daughters birth record BELSKY, Dominick Paul (I4488)
236 Name was changed when he immigrated to USA. GHEORGHIU, Jacob (I25)
237 Name was frequently spelled Martuzia or Matuzia MADUZIA, Anna Mary (I46)
238 New Waverly church records state that he is from Anderson WYRIPKOWSKI, Adalbert (I1797)
239 New Waverly church records state that he is from Galveston ROBINSON, James (I2909)
240 New Waverly church records state that he is from Houston DUSINSKI, John (I2902)
241 New Waverly church records state that she is from Houston STROZ, Anna (I2903)
242 Nickname while in the Navy in WWII SMOCK, Walter Alfred (I2)
243 No house number listed. WOJCIK, Jozef (I1250)
244 no info on this person (UNKNOWN), (Unknown) (I3457)
245 not on 1850 census ?? SMOCK, Elizabeth (I3263)
246 Not on 1880 census, should have been 14 CHAPMAN, Rhoda A. (I3238)
247 not on 1880 census, youngest daughter Nancy was living with Silas Smock SMOCK, John Wesley (I3179)
248 original spelling of BUCKNER name BUCKNER, Ladislaus (I127)
249 P7 on left side KUCIEMBA, Pete (I294)
250 pneumonia POLKA, Felicem Maryanna (I57)

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