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301 This is based on the assumption that Albert is the sister of Anna GRYCH POLKA. GRYCH, Wojciech (I299)
302 This is based on the fact that his wife, Mary Gorecka remarried on 14 Mar 1883. PYZEWSKI, John (I1994)
303 This is his second wife. According to legend, he sent to Poland for someone to care for his children, after the death of his first wife. Because of custom problems, he had to marry her so she could stay in the country. Family F359
304 This may have been George's 2nd marriage ?? Family F1082
305 This name was listed on 1840 birth record of son Nicolaus. JAKOWICZ, Agata (I431)
306 This was listed under the name Albert Polk. Family F24
307 Virginia Bielamowicz said that this was her husband Cleo's aunt. She was killed when cleaning around a hot water heater with gasoline. BIELAMOWICZ, Frances (I175)
308 Vol 128, pg 151, Mrs Victoria Wick witnessed the transaction. MADUZIA, Anna Mary (I46)
309 Vol 70, ED 68, Sheet 5, Line 88 SMOCK, Bessie Irene (I3153)
310 Vol 70, ED 68, Sheet 5, Line 88 SMOCK, Charles A. (I3194)
311 Walker County history book says that Josef "then moved to Waverly, Texas to join his brother, Henry" suggesting that Henry came before 1903, the date Josef came to America. Andrea married in New Waverly on 03 November 1897, so we know he came to America prior to that. WOJCIK, Andrea (I1591)
312 Walter served as a PFC on board the following ships: Moare Island, Cal., Quantico, La., Galveston, Texas SMOCK, Walter Arthur (I20)
313 Walter's mother and his aunts and uncles called him Sonny SMOCK, Walter Alfred (I2)
314 Walter's Uncle Marion Polka nicknamed him Rip because he liked to sleep a lot. SMOCK, Walter Alfred (I2)
315 Web Article

Birth: Mar. 11, 1949
Death: Sep. 15, 2003

Rock Musician. He began playing guitar while attending Spring Branch High School in Spring Branch, Texas, later becoming the founder and lead guitarist for the psychadelic 1960s musical group, 'Fever Tree.' The group originally named, 'The Bostwick Vines,' was formed in Houston, Texas, in 1966, with Dennis Keller, Rob Landes, John Tuttle, and E.L. Wolfe. The band began recording on the See For Miles Record Label and the UNI Record Label, that same year and soon released there only biggest hit, "San Francisco Girls (Return Of The Native)." The song went to the top 100 on the national music charts. Between 1966 and 1970, the band recorded four albums, but there career began to weaken due to constant drug abuse and they disbanded in 1970. Knust continued to work and also formed continuous reunion get-togethers with his bandmates over the years. Knust died on September 15, 2003, at the age of 54, due to the after effects of years of drug abuse. The band's other recordings include, "Imitation Situation 1 (Toccata And Fugue)," "Where Do You Go," "Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)," and "Man Who Paints the Pictures," among many others. (bio by: KP)
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Forest Park West Cemetery
Harris County
Texas, USA  
KNUST, Michael Stephen (I491)
316 Wife Catherine listed as living with Hiram Smock on 1870 Census ZIGLER, (Unknown) (I3241)
317 Wife Eunice was living with son Daniel in 1850 census BOLSTER, John (I3217)
318 Wilhelm I, King of Prussia, grandfather of Kaiser Wilhelm, decorated Emil with the Order of the Red Eagle for his outstanding achievements in the field of mathematics. AUST, Emil Paul Edward (I4462)
319 William Hughes was her step father SAVAGE, Mary Estella (I62)
320 Woijech Griech arrived in New York from Hamburg on 4 APR 1883. He came on the ship S S Rhaetia and was listed as a workman and had no baggage. Andrew Swiatkowski was listed next to him on the register. GRYCH, Wojciech (I299)

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