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51 Baptized on 6 Sep 1871, may not have been born in New Waverly. TAFELSKI, Anna (I409)
52 Baptized on 8 Apr 1878 TROJANOWSKI, Pelagia (I743)
53 Based on birth information of daughter, Pelagia, by her 2nd husband Antoni Trojanowski. Family F393
54 Based on birth record of daughter Josepha PANEK, Anna (I733)
55 Based on birth record of Emilio Anthony HABLINSKI, Veronica Zophia (I185)
56 Based on burial date. HYMAN, Veronica (I375)
57 Based on date of marriage license. Family F3
58 based on death at age 45 on 20 MAR 1851 MADUZIA, Grzegorz (I825)
59 Based on headstone at Elmina Cemetary BELINOWSKI, Ladislaus (I454)
60 Based on headstone information from Elmina Cemetary. SKALBA, Veronica (I387)
61 Based on headstone information from Elmina Cemetary. SKALBA, Veronica (I387)
62 Based on headstone information from Elmina Cemetary. WOJCIK, Jozef (I567)
63 Based on headstone information from Elmina Cemetary. Pfc Bat B, 459th AAA - AW Bn WW II. He died "acidental in Army service 1st casulty of New Waverly, TX, in World War II. SKALBA, Louis Joseph (I578)
64 Based on mention of Valenty Mary Siwek in Katherine's will. SIWEK, Walenty (I834)
65 based on second child named John born on 9 Oct 1818. LETEK, Jan (I1152)
66 Based on the fact that there are no other records of Leokadia, it is probable that she died as an infant. POLKA, Leokadia (I55)
67 Based on the mention of Valenty Mary Siwek in Katherine's will. MADELSKI, Marianna (I835)
68 Birth and death date may be off a year or so SMOCK, Leonard (I3280)
69 birth date based on death at age 50 on 18 JUN 1847 MADUZIA, Grzegorz (I119)
70 Birth date listed in Malak's book is wrong. KRYSTYNIAK, Helen (I396)
71 Birth name GILBERT, Mack Franklin (I244)
72 Birth name HYNES, Gerald William (I3471)
73 born in suburban Debica ZAJAC, Kazimierz (I1389)
74 born in suburban Debica ZAJAC, Jozef (I1390)
75 Born in suburban Debica. BRNIAK, Jan (I1331)
76 Buried in Elmina Cemetary LUCHER, Joseph Pete Jr (I840)
77 Catharina Nowaka baptized the infant. KOZIOLEK, Josepha (I2285)
78 Catharina Nowaka baptized the infant. NOWAKI, Francis (I2288)
79 Catherine stated on the census that she had 4 living children in 1900. Joseph, Anna, Frank and Catherine were alive at that time, so it is possible that John was not alive in 1900. However, there are some unverified family stories that say that John left the family and changed his name. MADUZIA, John (I115)
80 Christian reinlisted after recovering from his wounds and rejoined his regiment as a sergeant. He was named as historian and recorder for his regiment. AUST, Christian Freidrich Wilhelm (I3205)
81 Christian was wounded when the fortress of Glogan, Silesia was besieged by the French army. Later, at the capture of Grogan, he bacame a prisoner of the French for several months. AUST, Christian Freidrich Wilhelm (I3205)
82 Church death records say that this infant was 7 monts old when died. There is no listing in the baptism records. NOWAKOWSKI (I918)
83 Clara Malak
P. O. Box 37, New Waverly, TX 77358 
Source (S3)
84 Crawford Co death record index page 227 BOLSTER, Lucetta (I3142)
85 DAR records SMOCK, Peter (I3307)
86 DAR records ANDERSON, Susanna (I3355)
87 DAR records TAYLOR, Rebecca (I3356)
88 DAR records SMOCK, William (I3357)
89 DAR records SMOCK, Cyrus Herrington (I3358)
90 DAR records SMOCK, Samuel Harrison (I3359)
91 DAR records SMOCK, Mary Rebecca (I3360)
92 DAR records SMOCK, William Porter (I3361)
93 DAR records SMOCK, Joseph B. McLellan (I3362)
94 DAR records SMOCK, Priscilla May (I3363)
95 DAR records SMOCK, Peter Monroe (I3364)
96 DAR records LIAS, Agnes May (I3366)
97 DAR records SMOCK, Francis Susanna (I3367)
98 DAR records SMOCK, Robert Burns (I3368)
99 DAR records SMOCK, Carlyle Hamilton (I3369)
100 DAR records SMOCK, Margaret Lucile (I3370)

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