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Death Claims Samuel Smock, Age 96 Years

Source: Corrine Smock Pearson ( Daughter of Orville Smock) from the original Newspaper Clipping as it read.

Brownsville. Nov. 8 - Samuel Smock, age 96. Founder of the town that bears his name, Located five miles from Brownsville, and one of the oldest men in Fayette County, died at his home on the Smock Homestead Sunday Morning at 2 o'clock. Leaving behind him a life devoted too usefulness and thought of his fellowman. Mr. Smock contracted a cold about a week ago and failed rapidly, his once rugged constitution having submitted to the ravages of age. Mr. Smock was the most beloved man in the community and his sudden death cast a decided gloom over the mining town that bears his name.

Born and reared in Bellevernon, Mr. Smock spent half of his life in that village. He learned the Blacksmith Trade and followed that livelihood for about 30 years. About 40 years ago he moved from BelleVernon to the unsettled country now called Smock, and bought a large farm. He later sold part of his farm to the Warner Company. When the Pittsburgh Coal Company bought all the small Operators in that vicinity, the Warner Company's holdings were included. The Pittsburgh Coal Company then sold their share to the H. C. Frick Coal Company.

That Corporation opened up the Mines under the Farm and established a thriving mining settlement. Out of respect for Mr. Smock the original owner of the land, the Management of the H. C. Frick Mine named the Mining Town "Smock”. The Community has grown rapidly and now has a Post office and Telephone Exchanges and is considered a thriving community.

Through all the years, Mr. Smock retained his Homestead and watched the development of the Town he started. Of late years, he has been feeble but never has been confined to his bed until he contracted a cold a week ago. Since the death of his second Wife, about six months ago, his Daughter, Mrs. Henry Shaffer, has been keeping house for him. Mr. & Mrs. Shaffer were living a Smock at the time of Mr. Smock's death and moved their residence to that of Mr. Smock.

He is survived by two Sons and one Daughter. One Son resides in Colorado and the other Son and Daughter in Kansas. Until word is received from them, no arrangements can be made for the Funeral. Undertaker J. M. Luce will have charge of the Funeral.


A short time ago Mr. Smock reiterated the belief and the hope that he would live to pass the century mark. His friends also entertained the belief on account of his good health he has endured during the past several months. He was able to get about with the aid of two canes and told of his habits. Mr. Smock never smoked or chewed tobacco; He only has had one tooth for the past several years and ate but little cake, pie, butter or milk.

For 32 years Mr. Smock was a Blacksmith at BelleVernon and he worked from 14 to 15 hours a day, beginning at 4 o'clock each morning. During this time he saved $14,000. out of his earnings. Forty-seven years ago he moved to Smock and with $12,000 of his savings, purchased 197 acres of land. Of the original Farm there still remains 115 acres. He gave the P. V. & C. Railroad the right of way through his farm and also the land where the Smock Station now stands and $1,000 in money. This gift opened a market for his coal and lands which netted him a neat sum.

In politics he was a Democrat and enjoyed the distinction of being one who had never split the ticket. The house in which Mr. Smock lived is 93 years old, having been erected by Jonathon Sharpless a Quaker. Mr. Smock spent a considerable in remodeling and repairing his property in and around Smock.

He was the last of 11 brothers and sisters. His Mother lived to be 90 years of age and his second sister 88. In 1847 he married Sarah Ann Fields, of Perry Township. and all of his children were born of this union. In 1867 his wife died and on March 15, 1869 He married a second time. His Last Wife, who was Susan Hess. died on may 3rd of this year.

Source: Corrine Smock Pearson ( Daughter of Orville Smock) from the original Newspaper Clipping as it read.

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